Magic is no doubt entertaining but the same magic will be boring if not performed to the mark and the initial interest will not help sustain momentum for long. Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Films presents “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” is a classic case of the above mentioned point. The movie has lot of graphical gimmicks in it but at the same time the necessary element missing in the film is the grip the story should be having on its viewers. The story begins in 700 A.D and travels to 2000 A.D within minutes into the movie and after which all major actions begin to unfold. The initial coherent construction of sequences is quite predictable which should have been avoided. In terms of acting apart from Nicholas Cage and Alfred Molina none of the actors have given a note-worthy performance.

It all begins with the transfer of knowledge on wizardly powers which if utilized improperly can lead to doom for mankind. The knowledge transfer happens to three sorcerers in Balthazar (Nicholas Cage), Maxim Horwath (Alfred Molina) and Veronica (Monica Bellucci) by their master Merlin (James A Stephen) and out of the three Maxim betrays everyone to Morgana (Alice Krige) who happens to be Merlin’s deadliest enemy. Merlin then begins the fight with Morgana and when Merlin faces defeat with the help of Maxim to Morgana he escapes getting killed.

Veronica then begins to fight with Morgana and in order to gain power over her soul she absorbs Morgana’s soul into herself. Balthazar then captures their souls into a nested doll which if opened could doom the future of mankind and the power to fight Morgana alone rests upon the Prime Merilian who will be the successor of Merlin and the task of finding that person lies upon Balthazar.

A metal dragon is all that Balthazar has to find the successor of Merlin and he spends centuries (with a non-aging spell on him) finding the right Prime Merilian. Things and years move on and in the year 2000 he comes across Dave whom he finds is the person that he was in search of for so many centuries.

Dave’s first exposure to sorcery doesn’t look good and he abandons everything and moves in life. In the year 2010 Maxim surfaces again to complete the unfinished work and that’s when the real action begins with Dave (Jay Baruchel) agreeing to be “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” to Balthazar and whether he was able to defeat Morgana or not and in the process what are the different hurdles he needs to overcome is all about in the remaining part of the film.

The film which has a running time of 97 minutes is a roller-coaster ride filled with graphics galore but that alone could not save the pulse of the movie as there were too many dull moments in the screenplay coupled with some mediocre performances from the actors. Director Jon Turteltaub has embarked on a sorcerer ride that unfortunately fails to create any magic on screen.

“The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” is nothing great in the offing and in the end it is just a mediocre stuff.

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