“The Resident” is a film that has powerful performances by its lead actors Hilary Swank and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The movie which belongs to the thriller genre has its own shares of twists to the tale but unfortunately it all dies down once the plot is exposed. Director Antti Jokinen who in debut directorial venture has made sure that there aren’t any major flaws in the making that strikingly hits the viewer. The movie which has a running time of 88 minutes is worth catching up with Popcorn over the weekend.

Julie (Hilary Swank) a doctor moves into a house which is let out by its owner Max (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) at a relatively cheap rent. Thrilled by the cheap rent she has got, she moves in immediately and is helped by the charismatic Max. Max on the other hand looks so helpful and even bumps into Julie at common places. Julie impressed with Max starts to be little close to him which paves the way for more trouble for her.

Max on the other hand seems to have been following her much before than she came in as a tenant to his house. The reason for him following her is just pure sexual attraction. Julie unaware of all this carries on as usual and she starts suspecting things when she oversleeps into the day and during one night where Max carelessly drops the syringe cover that was used to drug Julie on the floor and forgets it.

Does Julie find out the true color of Max or does she get exploited continuously is about in the rest of the movie. The cinematography needs special mention as the entire film has been aesthetically shot. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a perfect fit to the role of a stalker while Hilary Swank uses her acting abilities to good effect. Christopher Lee plays a minor role where he showcases his personality to add more substance to the proceedings.

The music adds layers of suspense to the proceedings while the art direction brings in a thrilling feel to the atmosphere. The script should have been handled more efficiently and the climax is definitely a huge let down in terms of the way it has been executed.

Director Antti Jokinen who was previously best known for a TV segment with the band Lordi and a video for Symphonic Metal band Nightwish entitiled “Nightwish: End of an Era” needs to tighten up on few departments of direction in his next venture.

“The Resident” is just not thrilling enough.

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