Walt Disney’s “The Princess and The Frog” is a revelation when compared to other features from the animation major. The main factor that distinguishes this film to others is that for the first time Walt Disney has used a black heroine in the main cast. The character of Tiana is also constructed in such a manner that she is an epitome of hope in a world where she is weighed down by her dream to own a restaurant for herself and works hard to make it a reality. The dream is so heavy considering her not so rosy childhood where her dad was her inspiration and all they led was an ordinary life where all they could manage is only a mediocre meal to satisfy them and people in their locality.

Tiana as a young kid (Voice of Elizabeth Dampier) grows up in New Orleans sometime before World War I is in company with her mother Eudora (Voice of Oprah Winfrey) who sews princess dresses for Charlotte (young age voice by Breanna Brooks) the daughter of the richest man in the city. Life is just about making ends meet in Tiana’s home with her dad James (Voice of Terrence Howard) an aspiring restaurateur, makes a gumbo with some inputs from his little daughter and shares amongst all. James then comforts Tiana to sleep and he tells her its fine to make a wish over a star but in the end its hard work that  would get one to accomplish their wishes.

After a few years Tiana (Voice of Anika Noni Rose) into the Jazz age works very hard that she hardly finds time to sleep and when Charlotte (Voice of Jennifer Cody) decides to throw a bash for the arrival of Prince Naveen (Voice of Bruno Campos) she does not participate in the party but instead prepares food for the guests.

All goes well like a river on song till the twist in the tale comes up in the form of Shadow Man Dr. Facilier (Voice of  Keith David) who is evil and wants to acquire all powers on earth transforms Naveen to a frog. Tiana wanting to help Naveen also lands herself into trouble and she too gets transformed to a frog.

They both travel across lands and the recipe to transform them back to humans are shown to them by Mama Odie (Voice of Jenifer Lewis) but by the time they carry out the necessary actions time passes by and they do not get transformed back to their original species and size. But, In an animation film there can’t be a sad ending cause kids don’t like sad endings.

Directors Ron Clements and John Musker in association with the writers  of the movie have done a fabulous structuring of the movie to make it a classical entertainer for the kids. The only major drawback is the scary shadow monsters which would be too hot to handle for very young viewers.

“The Princess and The Frog” a revelation created in an animation film by Walt Disney.

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