“The Maiden Heist” directed by Peter Hewitt is a comic presentation of  three workers in a museum who haven’t met each other join hands to commit a crime of high intensity in an interesting manner. Roger (Christopher Walken), Charles (Morgan Freeman) and George (William H Macy) plan to hijack the exhibits purely out of the passion they have towards them when the new curator decides to move the art works to another museum in Denmark.

The hijack which is originally the idea of Charles slowly has the concurrence of Roger and George. The trio then volunteer themselves for the shifting duty where they get access to critical data which also helps them carry out the ground work for the heist. In the end its George who does the exact hijack while Roger and Charles provide the logistic support from outside.

In the midst of this Rose Barlow (Marcia Gay Harden) the wife of Roger who is keen on saving some money for their trip to Florida gets annoyed with Roger’s involvement in the shifting process walks down to the museum to add more confusion to the proceedings for the trio.

George’s attraction towards the Bronze warrior statue almost puts him into trouble in the midst of proceedings and in the end when one thinks that they have pulled the heist successfully suspense awaits when they come to know that a biggest blunder has been committed which adds more fun to the proceedings.

The movie sans logic is a safe bet to watch especially with Morgan Freeman displaying his experience in enacting such roles. Christopher Walken, William H Macy and Marcia Gay Harden are apt in their roles.

This movie does not qualify for serious viewing but on the flip side this 90 minute movie has its moments of success which keeps the viewers happy.

“The Maiden Heist” worth the watch.

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