“The Losers” is a very nice weekend entertainer provided as a viewer you do not expect much from it. The movie is light, energetic and in few places the treatment looks pretty childish. The plot is simple where a group of elite commando men finish a top-secret mission at Bolivia only to know that they have been betrayed by a black sheep in the form of their superior. The guys then decide to payback and what they do to get their due is played out in the remaining part of the movie.

The movie does not boast of eminent stars and the actors mostly belong to the second line breed. There is also Zoe Saldana who after “Avatar” has proved once again that she is on a roll and can play tough characters with ease.

There are lot of loosely knit plots that spoils the entire flow of the movie. Characters disappear suddenly only to re-surface at the nick of time to save their folks in trouble. The bad guy played by Jason Patric is unconvincing as for the position he holds, the intensity needed to be much more which goes totally for a toss. Jason infact just struts around like a misfit to the scheme of things.

The five men in Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Chris Evans, Idris Elba, Columbus Short and Óscar Jaenada have put in a decent performance and with Zoe Saldana towing them along it makes up for a satisfying flick to be enjoyed with some popcorn and drink. The movie has a running time of 96 minutes.

Director Sylvain White along with writers Peter Berg and James Vanderbilt have combined to provide a wholesome entertainer which has gone little haywire as it provides the needed effect only in parts. The screenplay could have been more tighter especially the scenes where they disguise themselves and also during the sequence where one amongst them turn against them could have been more imaginative.

“The Losers” – Nothing much to loose.

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