The Last Outpost (1935) is a film set in the backdrop of world war I and is based on the book titled “The Drum” by F. Britten Austin. The movie which was released 74 years back is an emotional story of two friends in battlefield. Apart from this the story also covers the true realities of war that was faced especially by the womenfolk who wait for years together unaware of their partner’s whereabouts. They then decide to move ahead in life and at that time if the old husband appears all of a sudden, things could be very difficult for them and this movie also touches on this topic.

The movie begins with the Kurdish forces planning to take charge of the British strong hold by planning to attack India. They start their march on the eastern front by killing innocent people on their way. British-officer Michael Andrews (Cary Grant) is captured by a group of Kurdish rebels and is rescued by another man who calls himself as John Stevenson (Claude Rains) as he does not disclose his real name to him. The two friends then embark on a journey to save a Kurdish village from a massacre and at the same time to alert the British forces that are stationed there. Andrews in the process gets injured seriously and he recuperates at a military hospital in Cairo.

In the hospital Andrews falls in love with a nurse Rosemary Hayden (Gertrude Michael) who treats him with care and when Andrews expresses his love to her she refuses to acknowledge his love as she happens to be married but at the same time she has not heard from him for nearly three years.

Andrews then has a shock when he comes to know that Rosemary’s husband happens to be none other than his good friend who had saved him from Kurdish forces. Andrews and Stevenson then challenge each-one and they also decide to carry the enmity to war. What happens to whom and Rosemary’s fate is said in the reminder of the movie.

The movie directed by Charles Barton is an emotional war story.

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