The title says it all about what is actually in the movie for the viewer. If the concept of lying is supposed to be invented then one is sure that the movie is going to be rollicking fun. It is fun no doubt to begin with but once it moves on and when the art of telling lies gets invented and its effects gets to show up the lies tends to loose its grip over the audience. The director Ricky Gervais who has also played the lead role in this movie should have had his thinking cap on for some more time to make this invention more convincing to the viewer. The movie at the outset is definitely a misfit for the present generation and more so ever the plot and the execution looks totally out of place and it looks like the director was in a hurry to complete this script so that he can move forward to his next one.

The movie begins with Mark Bellison (Ricky Gervais) going on a date with Anna (Jenifer Garner) who lives in an age where they speak only truth and to a level blatant that telling out aloud that she was masturbating in her bathroom. They both go out on a dinner date and the first thing she says is that she doesn’t like him.

People then are so truth speaking generation that they trust the humans more than the program on which their operations are running and amidst such scenes there are lot of places which will make the viewer burst out with laughter but all the fun and spoof on others gets monotonous over a period of time and after a point of time you would come to a conclusion that this is getting overboard and slowly pulling us to boredom. The scenes where Mark says that he can speak to “the man above” and making fun of ten commandments by writing the ten things that was communicated to him in the back of a pizza box is comedy at its worst.

On the acting front Ricky Gervaiss scores a bit better than his scripting and directorial skills. Jenifer Garner is convincing in a dumb role and so are others who play the so called supporting role in a movie that has hardly any support in terms of creativity. On the whole it ends up as another piece of unwanted comedy pushed on to the hapless viewers.

“The Invention of Lying” turns out to be plain nonsense.

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