Director Kathryn Bigelow returns to wield the megaphone after a gap of 7 years. Her previous movie K-19: The Widowmaker was released way back in 2002 and this time around she has treaded into an unfamiliar territory that women directors dare not to experiment with. “The Hurt Locker” deals with the life and struggles of a U.S Army unit staffed by three men. For these men life is no means an easy cake walk as their job is to defuse bombs day-in and day-out and with ever passing day the frustration and the uncertainty of whether they would return home alive lingers on top of their minds .

Its all about the three men in an army unit named Bravo’s company and the opening shot of the film is with a scene of the trio dismantling a bomb when things go wrong the explosive blows up the sergeant (Guy Pearce) and then walks in his replacement Sergeant William James (Jeremy Renner) who has a go-for-it attitude in everything he takes up.

The new trio encounters situations which the outer world never thought would arise right from an encounter with two sharpshooters to disarming of a bomb placed inside the corpse of an Iraqi boy who was a friend with William.

The movie does not take the viewer to the battlefield straight instead it treads slowly on the other dangers that lures on every corner in a nation like Iraq. There are certain tense and gripping scenes that captivates the viewers which also puts across a point that no one is safe in war and especially in Iraq.

The actors are fabulous in their own characters and kudos to Kathryn Bigelow for her stellar effort. The movie shot on a shoe-string budget is sure to create waves in the days to come and especially after winning the Oscar for Best Film and Best Director the curiosity on the movie has skyrocketed.

The movie however stands apart from the numerous war genre movies that had come earlier basis on the treatment of the subject and also in Iraq the situation is still tensed and war-savaged which is etched in the memory of the movie watching audience. The cast is brilliant and especially in the scene when William walks across to defuse a human bomb and few seconds later when he expresses his helplessness the reaction the man who has strapped a huge consignment of explosives on him shows on screen is simply breathtaking. “The Hurt Locker” hurts psychologically and especially when one thinks of the brave men on duty across the country.

It requires lots of patience to enjoy this gripping war movie.

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