Movies that are “Based on a true story” are really touching and especially when it happens to be a horror movie it usually send shivers down the spine. The Haunting in Connecticut (2009) is one such movie that sends shivers especially when the main protagonist in the movie happens to be a 14 year old boy who is suffering from cancer.

The movie begins with 14 year old Matt (Kyle Gallner) undertaking a strenuous journey to Connecticut for his cancer treatment. On his way back home he falls terribly sick and the Campbell family decides to look out for a cheap accommodation in upstate Connecticut. Sara Campbell (Virginia Madsen) the mother of Matt decides to settle for a house that comes cheap by virtue of the house’s dark past.

Once the Campbell family moves into the house, Matt sees lot of unusual happenings and for a moment he things that’s due to the hallucination of his treatment. But as days pass by he understands the real truth behind the strange happenings.

Matt then takes the help of Reverend Popescu (Elias Koteas) whom he meets at hospital during his treatment. Matt along with Popescu and Mary (Sophi Knight) unravel the mysteries behind the dark past of the house and they get to know that the house was built over a cemetery and few hundred bodies went missing at that time.

Matt then takes responsibility of unraveling the mystery and whether he succeeds at the same or not is the rest of the movie. The movie does scare at places by virtue of its sound effects and apart from it there is nothing much scary about this movie.

On the flip side when we really know that someone has undergone the pain that the character of Matt undergoes, we really feel for the young boy who had gone through the torture. The most important and the eerie thing about this real-life incident is that the boy who was suffering from cancer before his exposure to the spirits was completely cured of his disease and there was absolutely no signs of his illness cropping up again.

The Haunting In Connecticut fails to haunt you.

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