To begin with there is nothing new in “The Golden Door (2010)”. The story has been seen numerous times before in ordinary to extraordinary films and the actors who are supposedly in the lead roles have actually no scope whatsoever in the movie to display their acting skills. As a viewer there has always been nothing to rejoice in any mediocre flicks. The director should have thought about the story and the script that he had before him before rolling on with the project. In the end all one gets is an amateurish display of scripting and direction for a no-brainer story.

Henry Oche (Joseph Cross) is a nursing student who gets a jolt in life when he comes to know that his father has passed away suddenly leaving behind huge debts. The mantle of taking care of family responsibilities falls on his shoulders. Henry then decides to give a break to his nursing course to take up a job that would help his family. He then lands up in a job as a door man to a prestigious apartment.

In his initial days Henry does fumble in his work which are taken lightly by his superior and when he gets to meet Scarlet (Sarah Roemer) who happens to be a resident in the apartment things doesn’t take a drastic change as one would expect. But, later after a few days and a few circumstances when Henry helps Scarlet and her family the inevitable blossoms between the two.

As a predictable twist in the tale the love affair between the two gets the much needed objection from Scarlet’s mother (Mimi Rogers). Henry gets ousted from the job and when his family members encourage him to go for his love he does the predictable and imaginable act of standing bold in front of Scarlet and her parents asking for her hand in life.

The entire movie moves at a snail’s pace and after a period of time one really feels bored as the sequences becomes too predictable and in the present generation such love stories are considered as impasse. Director David M Rosenthal needs better luck next time if he wants his movie to be considered with seriousness.

“The Golden Door (2010)” is a door opened towards boredom.

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