Roman Polanski who had his directorial debut in the year 1955 with the film “Rower” has come up with a stunner titled “The Ghost Writer” which is based on a book written by Robert Harris titled “The Ghost”. The 77 year old director has not let the fire in his belly die down a bit and he has come up with a classical political suspense drama that enthralls the audience. This film could be rated amongst his best alongside landmark films of his like “Rosemary’s Baby (1968)”, “China Town (1974)”, “Tess (1979)” and many more. The treatment meted out by the director to the storyline that is wafer thin and in danger of being highly predictable is truly remarkable. The casting for the film is perfect and one couldn’t have asked for better actors to portray the lead roles with conviction.

The beginning of the movie is quite a revelation with no titles rolling instead the story begins to pick up steam from the word go where a shot of an abandoned BMW gets docked from a ferry cut to a shot in the beach where a body gets washed ashore. Moments into the film one gets to understand that the body that got washed ashore is that of Mike Mcara who works for the former British Prime Minister Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan) as a ghost writer for his memoirs.

The publishing company which wants to complete the book almost written by Mcara, they hire a new ghost writer in Ewan McGregor for a princely sum. Unaware of the dangers that await him Ewan makes the trip to America where he gets access to the manuscript of Lang’s memoir. Ruth Lang (Olivia Williams), the wife of Adam also assists Ewan in his work.

In the process of finishing the memoir he gets exposed to more facts about the other side of Adam Lang and when he decides to dig deep the more murkier things turn out to be. In the end when the memoir is ready and published the preceding events to the launch sets a jolt in the story and increases the film’s pace rapidly. In the end when the startling fact is exposed to the audience Roman Polanski proves that he is indeed a seasoned performer with over 5 decades of experience in direction.

The movie which has a running time of 128 minutes is racy from beginning to the end and quite innovative in its approach and execution. The movie was completed much before Roman Polanski was arrested for having sex with an underage girl in 1977 and its up to the talented director to make sure that he enthralls the audience with more movies like “The Ghost Writer”.

Cinematographer Pawel Edelman, Musician Alexandre Desplat and Editor Herve De Luze are brilliant in their departments hence instrumental in the making of a beautiful entertainer. Acting of Pierce Brosnan is little hallow but EwanMcGregor has proved his class in the film. Other supporting actors are brilliant at times.

“The Ghost Writer” simply amazes the audience.

Watch the Trailer of “The Ghost Writer”:

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