“The Dirty Picture” which is based on the life of a most raunchiest sex symbol of the 80’s named “Silk” Smitha is like skating on thin ice for its director Milan Luthria and in the end he has pulled it off with ease. Major credit goes to Vidya Balan for playing the role which required her to act in a most raunchiest way and at the same time expose more than what she had ever done in her entire film career. The final verdict is that she has handled both the aspects triumphantly.

The movie transvers through the journey of the life of an actress from being an unassuming village belle wanting to make an entry into the tinsel world where she gets shooed away for her unattractive looks and after that what are the things that she does to gain foothold in the industry. In the end, how such an illustrious career draws to an abrupt end is portrayed well on screen.

Reshma (Vidya Balan) runs away from home to Chennai (Then Madras) to realize her dream of becoming an actress. Lady luck doesn’t smile at her in the initial stages but in a shoot which she attends accidentally, the first break comes her way when the original dancer who has to play a steamy sequence doesn’t turn up and she grabs the opportunity with both hands and that finally happens to be her visiting card in the film industry.

The big test for Reshma comes after she gets re-christened as “Silk” and its time for her to shake a leg with Suryakant (Naseeruddin Shah) a leading South-Indian superstar. She fails miserably but she compromises with the actor that she will sleep with him umpteen number of times to have things work in her favor.

Her career then takes a northward rise and she gets labeled many names that makes her a star in the industry. The movie also portrays the various men in her life, her tryst with alcohol and the exploitation she had to go through from innumerable sources. Finally when reality strikes her from what she was to what she has turned out to be, she commits suicide at her home.

Vidya Balan has done a wonderful job and for those who thought Vidya was a mismatch to this role, the answer is she happens to be the best choice. In the scene where she sees herself on screen for the first time and when men around her go beserk in the movie hall on seeing her essay a steamy sequence, her reaction to the situation is well enacted. In terms of Naseeruddin Shah’s performance, the veteran has with ease essayed the role of a man who has lust filled within him to the brim. Tushaar Kapoor’s role however is so weak and poorly scripted.

Emraan Hashmi from being a serial kisser has turned into a serious actor in this film. The scenes in which he displays anger on the raunchy scenes shown in the films to the ones where he falls in love with Silk is a good transformation in acting.

Milan Luthria has maintained the tight line where he has made an unofficial biopic on “Silk” Smitha in which there was a danger that the movie might be tagged as a soft porn flick. In the end, though the film is filled with a high dosage of skin show and scenes of mild sexual nature, it forays into the various phases of the life of “Silk Smitha”.

It was very apt that the movie was released on the birthday of “Silk” Smitha which happens to be 2nd December. The movie has a running time of 140 minutes.

“The Dirty Picture” – Though filled with some dirty scenes, it is a well made film.


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