Sacha Cohen Boren’s funny depiction of a Dictator General Aladeen who is hell bent on making sure that democracy doesn’t return to his nation Wadiya and how he goes about things in the various walks of his life is said in “The Dictator”. The film has its funny moments for those who do not look beyond having a good laugh at the theatres. For those who see too much in a film, this Dictator is a damp squib. Sacha Cohen Boren in the role of Aladeen is convincing and at the same time is so naturally funny.

The film camouflages itself in a serious note to begin with when US President Barack Obama talks about bringing the kingdom of Wadiya to public eyes. Cut to the life style of Aladeen where he lives life truly King size. Director Larry Charles has taken inspiration from the lives of Muammar Gadaffi and Sadam Hussain to build the character of Aladeen. There are the virgin guards, golden cars and to make matters more interesting, Aladeen hires Hollywood stars for a night with him. The trailer of the film has so many dialogues but nothing gets a place in the main film. For example, Megan Fox ridicules to Sacha Cohen that a ruby given by him is a Kardashian for which he replies “No you are less hairy”.

The story is about General Aladeen under pressure from the UN decides to depose before them on the nuclear capabilities of Wadiya Nation. In US, he gets kidnapped and what happens thereafter forms the rest of this “The Dictator” which has a running time of 80 minutes. There is Tamir (Ben Kingsley) who disguises himself as Aladeen’s trusted man, Zoey (Anna Faris) plays Aladeen’s love interest in the film and Nadal (Jason Mantzoukas) plays the role of a nuclear scientist who was ordered to be executed.

The film doesn’t entertain from start to finish but as mentioned earlier, for viewers looking at some cheap comedy this is their cup of tea. In terms of acting, all the actors have given a more than decent performance. The scene where Osama Bin Laden makes an appearance is good fun. The weak storyline coupled with a mediocre screenplay makes this film a one time watch commodity. There are few scenes with mild sexual content.

“The Dictator” holds its reputation of being a not so serious film.

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