The Dark Knight Series has been plagued by one disaster or other during its release. Though the first installment Batman Begins was free from any the subsequent two weren’t as lucky as its predecessor. In 2008 when Dark Knight was released, its main villain character Joker played by Heath Ledger wasn’t as lucky to see the film’s box-office exploits. It was indeed a sad sight to see the incomparable actor who infused more life into the Joker character wasn’t there anymore.

Four years after the tragic incident when the final installment of the Dark Knight trilogy was about to be released another horrific incident shook the world when a gunman proclaiming him to be the Joker gunned few avid Batman fans in a Colorado Cinema. Thus Christopher Nolan had some bad omen following him when it comes to the Batman Series after his non-controversial release of the first installment in 2005.

In The Dark Knight Rises, Batman after a self-proclaimed hiatus for 8 years from the city which branded him to be the bad guy returns in action to control the monstrous villain in Bane (Tom Hardy). Christopher Nolan has intelligently shaped the Bruce Wayne / Batman (Christian Bale) character by showing as a little weak guy walking around with the help of a stick and mostly confined to his cellar with his long time confidant in Alfred (Micheal Caine).

Things take a turn when Selina (Anne Hathway) walks into Bruce Wayne’s mansion disguised as a pretty maid with an intention of stealing something highly valuable to Wayne.  This act of robbery sets the rising of Batman from the ashes as he struggles to fight it out against Bane.

For those avid DC Comics fans who would have read the story innumerable times would have been wondering who the real villain is until the last few minutes of the film where the actual villain’s identity is exposed. But till then the masked Bane proves to be the villain with his hefty punches which gets the better of Batman but to be honest, Joker clearly wins hands down when compared to Bane in proving to be the ultimate nemesis of Batman.

In the larger picture between Bane Vs Joker fighting for supremacy over control of Gotham, Bane looks like a man with brute force whilst Joker was the cunning villain and whether force or cunningness gets the upper hand, it’s the latter who wins hands down.

Why does Bane wants control of Gotham and what he uses as the trump card against the people of Gotham is for the viewers to witness on the big canvas. The movie has a running time of 160 minutes and its entertainment galore for the entire time period.

Selina actually plays the role of Cat Woman which is known to the viewers but the name doesn’t get a mention anywhere in the film. Now that the Batman Trilogy has ended, Christopher Nolan needs to take his mind off the “Bat” and its symbol to bring something more creative and refreshing for his fans to cherish.

The other cast in the film includes Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Mathew Modine and Ben Mendelsohn to name a few. In terms of acting, in a movie of such grandeur and expectations one can hardly find a slip and it holds good to a great extent in this film.

The Dark Knight Rises delivers more than expected and a fitting finale for a high profile trilogy.

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