The-croodsAnimation films normally have their themes and characters picture perfect, In Croods we have a heroine who isn’t the picture perfect character and so are the others in her family. Well, it makes a lot of sense as they are shown as the last surviving members of the caveman family in their area. To begin with, the film does get on a good pace with an ensemble of their activities and most of them are fun to watch.

Cut to the family where there is a caring father Grug (Voice of Nicholas Cage) who wants to make sure that his family stays out of trouble. But in Eep (Voice of Emma Stone) there is an adventurous girl who always wants to break away from the shackles of her father and wants to seek adventures after adventures. In one such adventure she meets the Guy (Voice of Ryan Renolds).

Guy is apparently more sophisticated than Eep or Grug as he has travelled a lot and knows a trick or two like making clothes and shoes out of animal fur. Grug is insistent that “new is bad” while Eep is “fly to tomorrow” attitude. When these three characters meet and set on a journey towards greener pastures what are the possible adventures they would undertake along with Grug’s other family members is all about in this “Croods”. Croods follows the Sun wherever it goes deeming it the safe place to be.

In the journey they come across interesting plants and animals and together it provides a funny ride for the viewer. But, Isn’t there supposed to be a story other than just following the sun? The answer is apparently a disappointing No. Without a story of any serious nature, Dreamworks latest presentation “The Croods” turns out to be a fun ride for the young at heart viewer. For others though this film qualifies to be a onetime watch.

The graphics is good and drill down further this movie is without any songs! With a running time of 100 minutes, “The Croods” a typical stoneage film is a fun ride to watch and its makers are fast coming up with its sequel to thrill the audience hopefully with a better experience.

“The Croods” has nothing great in it. But, it qualifies to be a decent entertainer.

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