Conjuring Movie“The Conjuring” touted to be one of the most scariest films of recent times doesn’t quite live up to its expectations. It looks reminiscent of “The Exorcist” and few other horror movies that one is used to over the years. One important aspect of this film is that it is based on a true case file of Warren and it took 20 years for Ed Warren to convince Hollywood fraternity to make “The Conjuring”. Ed after a lot of hurdles finally succeeded to get this made into one which by word of mouth publicity got its identity as “most scariest film”.

In reality, the film isn’t as scary as one would think except for the alarmingly high decibel sound effects. There are few scenes that does give you a jolt but if even that is not present, then it cannot be called a movie belonging to the horror genre. The scenes / turn of events in some places looks predictable whilst there are a few surprises here and there.

The film begins in the year 1971 when Roger (Ron Livingston) and Carolyn (Lili Taylor) move into a dilapidated house on Rhode Island along with their kids. Strangely, their pet dog refuses to walk into the house and stays outside. The kids while playing accidently uncover a hidden cellar in their house which looks normal to begin with. However, when things move on and on one fine day when Roger is away on work in Florida, things take an altogether different turn which in turn makes way for the entry of Lorraine (Vera Faminga) and Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) who call themselves as demonologists.

Lorraine in the first instinct finds out that there is something amiss at this house and she agrees to help the family. What is that Lorraine finds amiss and what are the things she and Ed does to bring out the truth is all about in this film which has a running time of around 110 minutes.

As mentioned earlier, director James Wan who had earlier directed Saw (2004) and who is in charge of the Fast & Furious 7 (expected to release in 2014) seems to have given less importance to the horror scenes that are important to the storyline. Word of mouth publicity has given this film a good opening. But if a person who doesn’t give a damn about horror films watches this one, it will be dismissed as an ordinary flick.

In terms of acting, Vera Faminga plays her role convincingly so is Patrick Wilson. Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor doesn’t have enough scope for acting in their characterization. The kids again have limited scope and so haven’t done anything significant.

Overall, “The Conjuring” is a film that could have been scarier than what it is and hence fails to make a great impact.

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