When an actor acts and produces a film, it implies the confidence the actor has on the project script. When the actor happens to be Denzel Washington then the expectations on the project is sure to sky-rocket. The first few minutes of the movie begins on an interesting note and after the initial scenes one gets to witness gruesome action that is not so pleasing for the eyes. The sequences are too intense that one gets to wonder if that is all in store throughout the movie. In the end when the movie draws to a close the brilliance of The Hughes Brothers who has directed the film is truly remarkable.

The movie begins in a post-apocalyptic future where everyone believes that salvation is possible only through god which is embraced both by the good guy and the bad guy. Eli (Denzel Washington) walks across the disaster stricken place which had lost all its vegetation, water and life forms to an unfortunate happen that struck almost 30 years ago. What type of disaster struck is anyone’s guess as there is no mention about the same anywhere in the movie.

Eli carries with him the only existing copy of the St. James Bible which throws light on human life. Eli has to take it to “the west” and that is his mission where he needs to cross the dangers of the dusty desert where thugs wander in groups to kill and eat the body. In his journey Eli is surprised to find a small town which is headed by a don type boss Carnegie (Gary Oldman) who has a fascination towards books. Carnegie wants to redeem the copy of the bible that Eli has in his possession and is willing to go to any extent for the same as he knows what are the good things that the bible will bring to him.

Eli in an attempt to safeguard the Bible and to help it reach its final destination in “the west” takes the help of Solara (Mila Kunis) who was held captive by Carnegie. Solara and Eli then cross various hurdles and in the end reach their destination.

The movie is undoubtedly a perfect entertainer provided one as a viewer needs to be patient throughout. The screenplay written by Gary Whitta just bowls you over especially in the ending where the truth pertaining to Eli gets revealed. The movie which runs for 116 minutes is a treat to watch in spite of having many flaws in the characterization and costumes.

In terms of acting Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman and Mila Kunis steal the show right from the word go. These three fine actors have shown much commitment to the script that they are completely in sync with the characters they play. Background score does play a pivotal role in strengthening the flow of the movie.

“The Book Of Eli” is an intelligent book for the intelligent mind.

Watch the Trailer of “The Book of Eli”:

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