In every individual there is always a hidden side or one could call it hidden talent which would never surface if not nurtured properly or if the environment does not allow it to do so. “The Blind Side”  deals with both the above aspects and that too when we come to know that the movie is based on a true life happening it makes us feel really proud of the family who involved themselves in this deed without even having a thought on how the society will react.

The movie which is an emotional drama of love coupled with the sensitive feelings of an inferior young black boy who gets separated from his mother at a very early age is really an eye-opener to everyone around. Director John Lee Hancock has made sure that the screenplay is well woven that the characters are well etched in the memories of the audience who walk out of the auditorium after watching through the movie.

Michael Oher (Quinton Aaron) grows up in life with a very dark history behind him right from being taken away from his mother due to the fact that she was way too high on cocaine and he attended eleven schools in nine years as a student. During the same time he was moved from one foster home to another where he would end up running away from there in search of his mother.

At high school Michael comes to know that his father whom he has not seen in years has died. In school he remains always a loner and unwelcomed amongst fellow students. On a chill winter thanks giving night Michael walks alone towards the school gymnasium when he is spotted by Sean Tuohy (Tim McGraw) along with Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) and their son S J Tuohy (Jae Head) who studies with Michael in school.

Leigh Anne takes pity on the boy when she comes to know that he does not have a proper place to stay and he spends his nights at the gymnasium or at the laundry because it is warm there. Hoping to comfort him with a good night’s sleep they take him home and make him comfortable on their couch. They then decide to give Michael the much needed education and also plan to bring him up so that he has a better future ahead.

In School Michael gets inducted into the football team and when they get to know the potential the guy has they all join hands to shape him up to get selected in the NFL Draft. In the final moments of the movie when we see the real life Michael Oher and Tuohy family we get to respect the selflessness of the family without whom a life of Michael who have headed differently.

Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw have played their assigned roles with compassion and a small err from their side on that front would have proven to be disastrous to the outcome of the film. Quinton Aaron has studied the character well and his subdued acting augurs well for his future projects. Director John Lee Hancock deserves a special round of applause for his flawless screenplay especially when the real life characters of those depicted in the movie are still alive.

“The Blind Side”- an emotionally satisfying movie.

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