“The American” is distinctly different compared to other movies of George Clooney. The man is defined as a heroic fighter who is precise in his work and secondly the man has a constraint that he must not fall in love and if he does fall in love it proves fatal for his lady love. George Clooney has played the role which requires subtle emotions to be displayed and especially in the opening scene when he is forced to shoot his girl friend he has proven his class with aplomb.

George Clooney plays the character named Jack, or perhaps Edward who is an expert assassin and is given a last assignment of manufacturing a special rifle for an assassination. The story takes place in a quite Italian town with people uttering more of Italian dialogues and amongst them is Jack who finds a room for himself to make the special rifle. In the midst of all the drama unfolding one after another he meets Clara (Violante Placido) a prostitute and soon their relationship status moves from lust to love.

Jack works for Pavel (Johan Leysen) who always answers the phone with a disgruntled “Yeah” and between the two there is a middle person Mathilde (Thekla Reuten) who goes into the specifics of the specialized weapon that is being created by Jack. Why is the weapon specifically being asked to be made by Jack and to assassinate whom is such specialized weapon being made is answered in the due course of the movie.

The trailers and promos do give a feel that the movie belongs to the gripping action genre. However, be warned that the movie is completely different and does not have such gripping sequences that pushes the viewers to the edge of their seat. The movie is slow paced and the director Anton Corbijn (who earlier made lot of TV documentaries) has made sure that there is lot of space for the characters to establish themselves in their roles which in the final tally does not go well with the scheme of things.

In terms of acting all the actors are perfect and George Clooney has proved why he is a highly-rated actor. The ladies in the movie have got to the skin of the character and that helps them sustain the authenticity of the role they play. There are couple of scenes that show Jack and Clara having sex which is been given a different meaning when their relationship moves to the next level.

The major spoiler in the movie is the dull screenplay which makes this movie an absolute dud. Cinematographer Martin Ruhe has done a splendid job in capturing the wonderful scenic locations which gives a good gloss to the look of the film. The movie is adapted from the novel “ A Very Private Gentleman” written by Martin Booth. “The American” has a running time of 100 minutes.

On the whole “The American” disappoints its viewers.

Watch the Trailer of “The American”:

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