Most of us would have grown reading the comic classic series of Tintin written by Herge. Director Steven Spielberg who is the master of storytelling had decided to make an onscreen animated adaptation of the book and is worth every penny. The movie which initially was due to release in October 2010 was delayed due to certain production uncertainties and is getting released now in a staggered manner worldwide.

The Americans however, have to wait for at least another month as the film’s release in the United States has been strategically slotted for a December 2011 release. This is due to the fact that the Americans aren’t that familiar with Tintin and the release in Europe and Asia would bring in good word-of-mouth publicity which will help the film in its box-office fortunes at USA.

Tintin (Voice of Jamie Bell) along with his dog Snowy browse through a market in Europe where they buy a model of a sailing ship for a good price. Tintin before he steps out of the shop, is asked to sell the model ship by an unassuming Barnaby and Sakharine (Voice of Daniel Craig) for a good price.

Tintin refusing to sell, takes home the model only to have it broken by Snowy while chasing the neighbor’s cat. The secret of the unicorn unravels from this moment when something very important to a greater subject falls off from the model which apparently doesn’t attract the attention of Tintin.

After a few moments when Tintin return back home, he finds that the model ship is stolen and there is something more than that meets the eye and he follows the trail to unravel the mystery. On the path to the mystery, he meets Captain Haddock (Voice of Andy Serkis) and they both march ahead to find what the villainous Sakharine is up to.

What follows then is a fun-filled roller coaster ride between the characters which lead them to the hidden mystery. The Thompsons who are amongst the famous characters in Tintin series also help Tintin unravel the mystery but in a style of their own. In the end when the movie draws to a close, there is another lead which says that the mystery doesn’t stop here and from thereon Tintin and Captain Haddock decide to go ahead in search of the greater mystery thereby leaving a slot for another sequel in the series.

The movie has a running time of 110 minutes and throughout it is fun unlimited. It is not an easy task to adapt a famous comic series but Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson together have combined hands to make this adaptation a grand success.

The graphics are the main attraction of the film as it belongs to the top notch undoubtedly. The sequence of events that takes place one after another is well conceived and executed on screen.

The movie which is distributed by Paramount Pictures and Columbia Pictures worldwide is sure to rake in the cash registers ringing at the box-office world over and it is sure to create some sort of records.

“The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn” is entertainment at its best.

Watch the Trailer of “The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn”:

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