There was a period when it was raining gold at the box-office for Akshay Kumar but lately lady luck seems to be distancing herself from this versatile actor as his most recent releases have turned out to be box-office duds. “Thank You” which is Akshay’s latest release also seems to be another disaster at the box-office considering the fact the Anees Bazmee (the man who directed “No Entry”) has directed this film.

The major let down in the movie is that the story looks all repetitive and all the characters looks jaded through out. To make matters worse even a Mallika Sherawat’s item number fails to evoke any interest amongst the audience. The pace of the screenplay is so slow that the movie takes ages to finish. Akshay Kumar’s acting seems to have lost the fizz that he normally has which is quite surprising and his comic stunts which were once enjoyable are not anymore.

The story is about how a group of ladies in Sonam Kapoor, Celina Jaitely and Rimi Sen decide to teach their straying husbands a lesson by hiring a private detective (Akshay Kumar) who specializes in husband rehab follows the three men in pursuit and looks to make things work favorable for everyone. In the end whether he succeeds in his mission or not is all about in this “Thank You”. There are no surprises on guessing the ending or the remaining part of the storyline as it is after all a typical Bollywood masala.

In terms of acting, one could say that it can’t get any worse the lone exception being Sunil Shetty who sometimes does make your facial muscles move a bit. Sonam Kapoor looks totally out of sync with her role while Rimi Sen and Celina Jaitely just make up for the screen time. Irrfan Khan and Bobby Deol go through the motions and makes the already boring flick even drag and it looks like eternity for the ending to come.

Akshay Kumar should seriously think of choosing a worthy script that will bring back his golden days at the box-office and director Anees Bazmee should be innovative than repetitive in his future projects. The movie which has a running time of 150 minutes and co-produced by Twinkle Khanna is a regretful experience.

“Thank You” finally the movie is over.

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