“Tees Maar Khan” which is the re-make of a 1966 comedy titled “After the Fox” has met with the same result in the box-office as that of its original. “After the Fox” was humorous but somehow it did not make any impact in terms of box-office collection and the reason behind it was that the sequences which very appealing to the makers weren’t much appealing to the viewers. Farah Khan directed “Tees Maar Khan” (TMK) is funny but only in parts which is a huge let down to the audience considering her previous too films were scintillating entertainers.

Farah Khan for TMK did not have her favorite star Shahrukh Khan in the lead. She instead chose to cast Akshay Kumar along with Katrina Kaif in the lead. The bright spot for the movie was the immense popularity the promo song of “Shiela Ki Jawani” had with Katrina doing a sensual belly dance in the number.

The movie begins with Tabrez Mirza Khan a.k.a Tees Maar Khan watching robbery movies when he is in his mother’s womb. As soon as he is born, he starts with his work by stealing the doctor’s watch and the nurse’s chain. TMK then grows up and he along with his team members in Dollar, Soda and Burger marches ahead and steals everything at will. On the other hand there is TMK’s girl friend Katrina Kaif who aspires to be a top actress.

The biggest challenge for TMK comes when he is given a job to rob antiques worth 500 crores from a heavily guarded train which is scheduled to ply non-stop between the destinations. Whether TMK gets to do it and what are the steps he takes to get closer to the target is all that ensues in the latter half of the movie.

Farah Khan has made an outrageous attempt to spoof at movies which has backfired badly. The sequences aren’t gripping enough which leads to the pulse of the film dropping and also Akshay Kumar to carry a heist of such magnitude thinks of ideas that are too cinematic to believe.

TMK instead of being called as a Farah Khan movie can be aptly called as Shirish Kunder’s film as he has involved himself in many aspects of this film’s making. The movie drags in parts and the only saving grace is the “Shiela Ki Jawani” song which apparently comes in the 24th minute of the film.

“Tees Maar Khan” fails to con the viewers in spite of the actors giving a good performance.

Watch the Trailer of “Tees Maar Khan”:

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