“Tanu Weds Manu” is a simple love story between two individuals in Tanu (Kangana Ranaut) and Manu Sharma (Madhavan). The only difference is that the love is one-sided with Manu who is a doctor in London and has come down to India to marry a desi girl. Manu falls deeply in love with Tanu whom he had come to see for getting married. Tanu doses off and Manu gives a peck on her cheek and conveys his acceptance to the elders.

Problem brews from hereon as Tanu is a girl who had graduated from Delhi and is a bold type who believes in doing whatever she likes. Furious that Manu did not get her acceptance she gives an ultimatum to him to stop the marriage as she is in love with another guy (Jimmy Shergill). Shocked by this, Manu somehow manages to stop the show but his heart is filled with her memories.

In the end when things seem all to be lost, Tanu gets floored by Manu’s affection towards her and changes her mind and decides to marry him. Does the marriage happen or not? who is the villain in the entire drama is all about in the latter half of the movie. The major disappointment is that the screenplay is lackluster and story lacks the required twists that one would normally expect from such movies. The climax isn’t melodramatic nor or the scenes where Tanu gets impressed with Manu.

Due credit has to be given to both Madhavan and Kangana Ranaut for their natural acting. Special mention needs to be given to Madhavan who plays a subdued role to perfection. Jimmy Shergill comes in for a scene or two but he doesn’t create an impact in the scheme of things.

The movie though begins on a brisk note, it looses tempo in the second half where the viewers are bit over stretched till the end. It looks like Director Anand L Rai has mixed lot of movies to manufacture a script for this “Tanu Weds Manu”. Madhavan’s character could have been established more stronger as the reason behind his unconditional love for Tanu is never explained properly.

The comedy track in the movie is aloof and the transition from one scene to another is a bit slow. On the whole a simple story gets de-graded further by a lackluster screenplay. Music by Krsna is ordinary while editing by Hemal Kothari could have been more tighter. The movie has a running time of close to 120 minutes and is not expected to perform wonders at the box-office.

“Tanu Weds Manu” is a mediocre wedding.

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