Walt Disney’s 50th animated feature titled “Tangled” is  based on the German fairy tale “Rapunzel” with minor changes made to it. The movie in fact was to be named “Rapunzel” initially but the studio changed it to “Tangled” as the earlier name was found to be little frightening for the young ones. The movie was aimed to please not only the little girls but a wider audience across and the makers have achieved what they wanted. Whether the on-screen adaptation is a ditto copy of the fairy tale? The answer is no.

The movie is about a young princess receiving magical powers from a flower being kidnapped from the palace in the middle of the night by Mother Gothel (Voice of Donna Murphy). Mother Gothel knows that the magical power grows within the golden hair of Rapunzel and it is this magical power that will help her stay young. Rapunzel (Voice of Mandy Moore) is now a teenager and her golden hair has grown to a length of 70-feet and she is confined to the secluded tower all through her life.

Rapunzel gets more and more keen to experience the outside world and every time she conveys her willingness to venture out, Mother Gothel denies her permission. One fine day when Mother Gothel goes out, in comes a bandit Flynn Ryder (Voice of Zachary Levi) who by mistake lands at the secluded tower.

Rapunzel believes Flynn is her only chance to see the place from where the floating lights come every year on her birthday and she strikes a deal with the charming bandit to take her. Once they step out of the tower, it turns out to be an adventurous ride for both of them and whether she gets united with her real parents or does Mother Gothel get her back is all about in the movie.

The movie has its own share of joy, comic sequences and not to mention the dark side of Mother Gothel. The flow of the story is interesting which translates into an engrossing movie viewing. The animation is flawless as expected and the magnificent journey with other characters in tow makes the running time of 92 mins pass in a whiff.

“Tangled” undoubtedly makes for a happy viewing.

Watch the Trailer of “Tangled”:

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