The promos of “Tamil Padam” had indicated everyone that this movie is going to be a spoof on few Tamil movies that had come earlier and due to that this movie had generated expectations to the level no one had even thought it would achieve. With a debutant director and a relatively new hero who has hardly any fan following the makers have taken a huge gamble and in the end the gamble seems to have paid off.

Before stepping into the theatre one must forget the outer world and should embrace themselves for non-stop laughter throughout the movie. Debutant director C S Amudhan who is an engineering graduate has directed this movie without any prior experience and that has indeed been a blessing in disguise else it is very hard to make a film of this nature. Disha Pandey who plays the female lead has absolutely no significant role in this movie as all significance is given to the spoof done by Shiva.

When the movie begins and in the first few minutes the audience gear themselves up for similar kind of actions and the most important thing is that none of the spoofs are boring or repetitive in nature. Shiva a college student has his college going friends in Siddharth (Manobala), Nakul (M S Bhaskar) and Bharath (Venniradai Murthy). They all begin with the Boys movie spoof and continue their mischief to the maximum possible level and the heights being Bharath reading a Java book for his exams. Paravai Muniyamma and Delhi Ganesh also join the party to provide more laughter. Movies that have been spoofed are Thalapathi, Ramana, Mouna Ragam, Chandramukhi, Shivaji, Anniyan and many more.

The spoof not only stops with acting but also with the songs and credit to music director Kannan for a stupendous effort. Nirav Shah has once again been brilliant in handling the camera. All said and done it needs guts and a fresh mind to experiment and kudos to producer Dayanithi Alagiri and director C S Amudhan for the same.

“Tamil Padam” a laugh riot sans logic.


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