The mystic thriller “Super 8” which is produced by master story teller Steven Spielberg has more twists than the ones let out in the trailers. The movie to begin with takes place in 1979 and the initial few minutes turns out to be a tad slow in pace until a mysterious train crash happens. The crash changes the lives of a bunch of kids who were present at the time of the accident filming a video (keeping the train as a background for the sake of production value) for a Zombie movie which they want to submit in an amateur film festival.

All stands fine till this point. But, when Steven Spielberg has produced a film then its obvious there is more in store than what meets the eyes to the moment. As the film progress to the later stages where the mystery of the train is unraveled to the viewers, it more or less turns out to be a predictable fare.

The film looks like a mixture of so many thriller movies that had hit the screens earlier. The story lacks innovation and the screenplay further makes things worse. There is a coming off-age aspect coupled with a romantic angle amongst two characters in the film which in the end confuses the viewers on which genre the movie belongs to.

The initial scenes which shows the young Joe who is distraught on losing his mother in an accident moves the viewers. After that, there aren’t much scenes that grab the attention of the viewers until the train crash and the reason behind the crash. Here again, once the reason is revealed the curiosity on the remainder of the story dies down.

Hollywood has had a long tryst with handling subjects on military secrets and other alien related subjects and this “Super 8” exactly falls into the same category. The bright spots in the film are far too less that on the whole the experience of watching a supernatural thriller doesn’t get fulfilled.

The young cast who form the mainstay of the film have done a wonderful job in terms of expressing their innocence and in few scenes their curiousness to find out what exactly is happening. The scene in which the coming of age boys fight over their love for the girl is a scene well made. Director JJ Abrams have woven the story revolving around the kids pretty well but the screenplay has taken a beating which could have been better.

The cast includes Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee, Gabriel Basso, Zach Mills, Kyle Chandler and many more. Editors Maryann Brandon and Mary Jo Markey could have edited this film more crisp and interesting for the viewers. This “Super 8” has a running time of 111 minutes with the end credits running for close to 7 minutes.

“Super 8” a disappointment from Steven Spielberg’s production house.

Watch the Trailer of “Super 8”:

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