strangerlandTalented actress Nicole Kidman who was first nominated for the Oscars in 2002 for her role in “Moulin Rouge (2001)” had won her maiden Oscar the next year for her stellar performance in a leading role for the film “The Hours (2002)”. She did not get lucky thereafter in the number of films that she acted post her Oscar award. She was close to get another Oscar in the year 2011 when she was nominated for the third time in the film “Rabbit Hole (2010)”. Beyond this, she had won a number of awards that were a real testimony for her performance.

“Strangerland” which has Nicole Kidman as the leading lady is an emotional family drama set in the Australian outback when her two kids suddenly vanish one night turning her family upside down. Actor Joseph Fiennes plays Nicole’s husband while Hugo Weaving plays an important role as the police officer investigating the case.

The film does begin on a sober note and it slowly starts to put pieces together until the main storyline is revealed. Once the plot is out in the open, it is all about what are the events that had happened in the lives of Parkers (Joseph Fiennes and Nicole Kidman) and what are the possible probabilities of the places where their kids could have been.

In the beginning, the suspense as to why the Parkers had moved into this outback town is maintained and also the sexual orientation of their daughter Lily (Maddison Brown) a 15 year old girl with many guys is revealed to the viewer so that it could add to more suspense and suspects to the storyline. With a murky collection of events, Nicole Kidman who with little help from her husband goes in search of her kids.

Hugo Weaving get caught in a warp when he finds that his romantic interest partner Coreen’s (Lisa Flanagan) brother has also got sexually involved with 15 year old Lily, he does his part to save Coreen’s brother from any trouble.

When the going gets tough and there is almost no hope of finding their kids, Joseph Fiennes finds his son lying in a desert and what happens from thereon and whether Parkers were able to trace their daughter Lily is all about in this “Strangerland” that has a running time of 112 minutes.

The major drawback of the film is that it doesn’t hold that many twists to the tale to make it an intriguing watch. There are lots of sexually intimate scenes and occasional nudity that just doesn’t gel well with the storyline.

Nicole’s heart rendering acting doesn’t save “Strangerland” from the rut it locks itself in. Nicole Kidman needs to make sure that she doesn’t let her talent go down the drain by selecting such poorly constructed scripts.

When the ending is eagerly awaited as to unravel the mystery of missing Lily, what is dished out is something unexpected which makes this film even less dramatic. A more dramatic ending would have made this film a decent entertainer.

“Strangerland” turns out to be an uninteresting stranger for the viewer.

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