“State of Play” is a thriller wherein the plot seems quite similar to other movies that have come in the same genre. The only edge that this movie has over the others is the way the mystery behind the murder gets solved. The lead actors in Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck have brought in their experience to a great extent which gets reflected in the final product.

The director Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland) has made sure that this movie is gripping and at the same time in tune with the realities that an individual can be exposed to in real-life.

The movie begins with the death of Sonia, the mistress and lead research assistant of Congressman Stephen Collins (Ben Affleck) on the morning of an important hearing on a security agency named Pointcorp. On the night before the incident a thief running in Washington DC is killed by a man with a silenced gun and later a pizza delivery boy who stands witness to the killing.

At this juncture a self-styled reporter Cal Macaffrey (Russell Crowe) who was once a college roommate of Collins discuss the death of Sonia and Collins admits that he had an affair with her and also shows him a cheerful video message sent by her on the morning of her death which is quite unnatural for a person committing suicide.

Macaffrey then decide to investigate the hidden mystery behind the death along with Della (Rachel McAdams) and also the possible involvement of Pointcorp on the same. Della then unravels the mystery behind the crimes which take alarming propositions and the end is quite unexpected and takes us through interesting twists in the plot.

The movie on the whole proves to be an average entertainer with a dragging screenplay which was unwarranted for an absorbing story. Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck have displayed their potential on the right wavelength. Rachel McAdams as the chirpy Della augurs well for the role.

“State Of Play” good to an extent but unable to sustain the momentum for long.

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