Jake Gyllenhaal has come up with a scintillating performance in this “Source Code” which on a nut shell is like a deja vu to “The Matrix”. Though Matrix and Source Code are not identically similar, there are certain aspects that reminds you of the Keanu Reeves film. The hero has proved once again why he belongs to the breed of actors who are known for their acting skills. Director Duncan Jones has used the concept of being in some one else’s mind and body to good effect.

Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) whose last memory is that he is flying a copter over Afghanistan and something happens which he is not able to remember. Now Colter wakes up to see himself in the body of another individual who is on a train and he has 8 minutes to find the bomber of the train in which he is travelling. There is Christina (Michelle Monaghan) with whom Colter develops a strong bond and with the lapse of the stimulated 8 minutes, he comes back again in time to be at the same place from where he started the first time around.

Once the 8 minutes deadline is over, he gets transported to real time where he is given a quick briefing by the officer in-charge Colleen (Vera Farmiga) and sends him back to find out the bomber of the train. Whether Colter is successful in his mission and does Source Code which is the program that send Colter back and forth to the train which has the suicide bomber is all about in the rest of the film.

There isn’t a place where one can find fault with the acting performances of the actors. The sets are prefect and the cinematography is amazingly good. The graphics alone though could have been a little better. Music compliments the mood and pace of the movie. The screenplay is something worthy to mention as it keeps the viewers attention intact. The movie has a running time of close to 90 minutes and in the end as a viewer one is sure to enjoy this “Source Code”.

“Source Code” definitely does not belong to the top draw but its an enjoyable code which doesn’t need too much effort to decipher.

Watch the Trailer of “Source Code”:

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