Director Fatih Akin who had earlier made films like Head-on and Edge of Heaven has tried his hand in the comedy genre for the first time and has been successful. The movie titled “Soul Kitchen” also happened to be the opening film at the 8th Chennai Film Festival in India. This German movie is about how a German-Greek restaurant owner tries to improve the business in his restaurant and in the process lets all hell loose.

Zinos Kazantsakis (Adam Bousdoukos) is a calm restaurant owner who runs a low-profile eatery named “Soul Kitchen”. The restaurant is so calm that is referred to tas locals only restaurant. Zinos brother Illias Kazantsakis (Moritz Bleibtreu) comes out from prison on parole to meet him. Zinos has another dilemma in life as his girlfriend takes up a job in China and looks like she might settle there for good.

Zinos deciding to set things right hires the town’s best chef which boosts his business and also he transfers all powers to Illias and set course to be with his girlfriend. The real estate owners in the area have an eye over the property and they trick Illias to loose it over a card game.

Zinos comes back as things don’t go as planned with his girlfriend and when he comes to know that his restaurant has been lost over a card game, he tries everything possible to get it back.  In the end whether he gets the restaurant back or not is told in a very humorous way in this “Soul Kitchen”.

The movie has a running time of 99 minutes and the way sequences unfold in the screen is a treat to watch. Director Fatih Akin has made sure that he would make every viewer laugh and he has succeeded on the same.

The movie though ends on a bright note, there is nothing in the film that creates an impact on the viewers. At the end of 99 minutes, the viewers get a feeling that the movie is definitely a feel good film. The movie has sentiment, loads of comedy and scenes of mild sexual content. The actors in the film have done a brilliant job and full credit to director Fatih Akin for the same.

“Soul Kitchen” is an enjoyable comedy.

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Name of the Film: Soul Kitchen

Language: German

Genre: Comedy

Running Time : 99 Minutes

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