Vijay Sethupathi, Sanchita Shetty in Soodhu Kavvum Movie PostersActor Vijay Sethupathi seems to be on a golden run at the beginning of his career. It was “Pizza” which made him a saleable star and he promptly followed it up with another hit in “Naduvula Konjam Pakatha Kaanom”. After these two hits, there is bound to be pressure on the actor to keep the successful stride going and in his latest film “Soodhu Kavvum” directed by a debutant in Nalan Kumarasamy” he has once again hit the jackpot with a comic thriller.

The film begins on an interesting note and later moves to an even more interesting phase where the actual story kicks off where the main protagonist Das (Vijay Sethupathi) escapes from a local wine shop brawl and rescues three members from there in Pagalavan (Simhaa), Kesavan (Ashok Selvan) and Sekhar (RJ Ramesh Thilak). They all continue drinking at Das’s residence and where Das opens up his profession to others which happens to be Kidnaping (Which is spelt as Kednaping).

Pagalavan and Sekhar readily agree to be a part Das’s gang while Kesavan is unwilling. Then the trio along with Das’s imaginary girlfriend Shalu (Sanchita Shetty) who is visible only to his eyes start their job and with a 5 point rule to their profession, they entertain at their best. In one such kidnapping, a another offer comes their way wherein they had to kidnap the son of a ruling party MLA Gnanodayam ( MS Bhaskar).

Das and team though first hesitant decide to go ahead and what follows is a laugh riot beyond imagination. The scenes in which they Kidnap Arumai Pragasam (Karuna Karan) and the follow up scenes are so much fun that it is entertaining and at the same time follows logic.

What happens to them after the Kidnapping and when a strict police officer Brahmma (Yog Japee) is given the go ahead to investigate the kidnapping, things take an even more brisk pace and what follows is an entertainment riot for the audience.

The comedy scenes between Das and Shalu and in few of their kidnappings which doesn’t go as per plan are a treat to watch and all credit needs to be given to Director Nalan Kumarsamy for this enriching script. There are few experiments in the script that are bold and Tamil cinema needs such directors who are willing to experiment to satisfy the always maturing Tamil audience.

In the end, the movie after a roller coaster ride of 140 minutes comes to a screeching halt and along with it the laughter and entertainment it carried with it throughout.

The interesting aspect of this film is the characterization and especially the one of Shalu. The romance between them and in the scene where she comes in a swim suit happens to be so much fun.

In terms of acting, Vijay Sethupathi with his Salt and Pepper look steals the show. Sanchita Shetty plays the role assigned to her with loads of glamour. MS Bhaskar, Karuna Karan, Simhaa, Ashok Selvan and Ramesh Tilak have performed in their roles with lot of conviction and to perfection. Radha Ravi comes in a guest appearance as Chief Minister.

Nalan Kumarsamy who churned out interesting short films in Naalaya Iyakunar has got his first step in Kollywood right with a good result and one expects more such scripts from this talented director. “Soodhu Kavvum” is sure to be a winner at the box-office. Editing by Leo John Paul is crisp.

This film is an outright comic entertainer and it has the genre’s required ingredients in right quantity.

“Soodhu Kavvum” is a must watch comic representation of Kednaping.


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