James Bond films have been in tow for the last 50 years and to commemorate the achievement, the latest edition of the franchise “Skyfall” gets released. To mark the event the story gets a bit serious this time around compared to the previous editions and also an important cog in the MI 6 team goes down memory lane in this latest film. Daniel Craig once again makes the Bond appearance with the style quotient which he has made it his own when he appears in a 007 film.

The story isn’t as complicated as we have seen in the previous editions of the bond film. This time around MI 6’s top boss M’s (Judi Dench) past comes to haunt her as one of her agents who was with her earlier attacks the British intelligence system. It is now the prime responsibility of James Bond to help M discover who the agent is and to nullify the threat that person is causing to the MI 6 fraternity. Does James Bond succeed? The answer though is a well-known one, how he does is what that constitutes this “Skyfall”.

Academy Award winning director Sam Mendes (American Beauty) has tried something different in this film, there is more emphasis on the story than the action sequences that one would normally associate with a James Bond film. And this difference of approach in handling this Bond film has somewhat let the fizz out of “Skyfall”. The usual action sequences for which James Bond fans would flock to the theatres are missing which is indeed a disappointment for the die-hard James Bond Fan.

Also, the sequence in the latter half of the film where the villain tracks down the whereabouts of his nemesis is just too dumb. Overall, a film which was supposed to thrill its viewers turns out to be an average flick. The climax of the film passes out without any major drama and the demise of the villain is just too quick to the liking of the viewers.

It would be disappointing that Judi Dench will no longer be part of the forthcoming Bond films and her role will be taken over by Ralph Fiennes in the role of Gareth Mallory who will be the new boss of MI6 agents.

Overall, this James Bond without any gizmos or gimmicks is kind of disappointment. Acting wise, you can’t find much fault in a James Bond film and it holds well with this film also. The film has a running time of 140 minutes and should make decent earnings at the box-office considering the hype it had created for itself.

“Skyfall” – The 23rd Bond Movie falls too quickly from the sky and hence turns out to be an average flick.

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