“Siruthai” which is the re-make of the Telugu Super-hit “Vikramarkudu” ends up being a huge disappointment. The movie has Karthi in dual role and in the female lead it has Tamannah Bhatia. The major lapse that this Siruthai carries on its shoulder is the weak screenplay which has apparently been tweaked to suit the taste of Tamil audience. The movie is a weak link of sequences which coupled with locations that look outdated and worn-out makes it a dull affair. The movie which has screenplay, dialogues and direction by Siva was expected to create waves in the box-office but at the outset, it looks like this “Siruthai” will be the first flop of Karthi’s career.

Rocket Raja (Karthi) along with his sidekick Kaatupoochi (Santhanam) join together to loot as much as they can without leaving a trace behind. Life goes on for the duo in the most comic way possible and in the midst of all this Raja meets Swetha (Tamannah) and its instant love between the pair. When things seem to be going smooth there comes a twist in the story when a little girl (Baby Rakshana) enters Raja’s life claiming to be his daughter.

The usual twist in the tale comes when Swetha misunderstands Raja and walks away from him calling him a cheat. A confused Raja when pondering about what to do next, in comes Rathnavel Pandian (Karthi) DSP of police and it is his daughter who Raja has with him. The story then cuts to flashback where Rathnavel Pandian a bold police office breaks all odds to bring the criminals to book and in the ensuing battle, he gets injured only to find himself admitted to hospital.

The bad guys who under the assumption that their nemesis is dead continue their wrong ways and when they come to know that Rathnavel Pandian is not dead they scout for him to assassinate and that’s when destiny brings Rocket Raja and Rathnavel Pandian to meet each other.

Rathnavel Pandian then fights against the bad guys who had come in search of him  does not go all that well leaves no option for Raja but to take the mantle upon himself to fight it out and make sure that the bad guys face the inevitable end.

The screenplay needs to be more pruned so that it gets accepted by the Tamil audience. But the director seems to have had too much faith on the result of the original version that he has not made any major significant changes to this re-make version. Item numbers by Jothi Lakshmi and Meghna Naidu does not have the desired effect on the front benchers.

In terms of acting, Karthi in the role of Rathnavel Pandian has excelled beyond expectations while in the role of Rocket Raja he is just mediocre. Tamannah Bhatia who plays the love interest of Rocket Raja has done nothing much in the movie except for the songs and to expose her navel as and when possible. Santhanam who provides the comedy track is good in the role provided to him. There are also other supporting actors who have done nothing worth mentioning in the film.

Music by Vidyasagar is of mediocre quality while editing by V T Vijayan lets loose lot of unwanted scenes on to the table. The movie has a running time of 165 minutes.

Another mediocre movie that fails to meet its expectations and is sure to bite dust at the box-office.

“Siruthai” tries hard to roar but it fails miserably.

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