“Singam Puli” showcases actor Jiva in a completely different avatar by him playing the dual role of hero and villain. In normal circumstances, such a scenario would mean that there is an exciting show on the offing but in this film due to the lackluster screenplay and storyline the final product fails to appeal the masses. There are moments in the film that are worth cherishing but such moments are very few which makes this “Singam Puli” an average masala entertainer.

The name “Singam Puli” (Lion-Tiger) indicates that there is going to be a fierce battle between the two which apparently is there in the movie but the intensity in the battle is missing and one wonders when will our film makers emphasis more on the story and screenplay rather than relying on the star power of the hero to carry the film.

The movie is about Shiva (Jiva) the elder brother who makes a living by selling fish in the market and his ideologies in life is that one should live a honest life without compromising on values. Swetha (Divya Spandana) plays the love interest of Shiva. On the other hand there is Ashok (Jiva) a lawyer by profession is a good boy at home but a womanizer outside. He uses his charm to fool people including his own brother and parents.

Buchi Babu (Santhanam) plays the friend of Ashok and he aids him in his affair with girls. In one such instance Ashok dupes Gayathri (Soundarya) and things go out of hand when she dies. Perturbed by this, Shiva decides to find the truth behind her death and when he comes to know that Ashok is the culprit he decides to put him behind bars but it turns futile.

Ashok then senses that Shiva is the nemesis of his life and decides to kill him with the help of goons. Does Ashok succeed in his task or what happens in the end is all about in this Singam Puli. The movie has a running time of 165 minutes and in few places it keeps dragging on and on.

Jiva’s acting as the fish selling vendor is worth mentioning which cannot be said of his role as a lawyer. Santhanam provides the comic relief in the movie and the scenes in which he comes are enjoyable. Divya Spandana doesn’t do much except for her subdued navel show in couple of songs.

Music by Manisharma is very flat and it in no way helps the cause of the movie. Director Sairamani has made a mockery of a storyline that is as old as it can get and the movie will have a tough time at the box-office.

“Singam Puli” fails to entertain.

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