Singam 3In a movie franchise, comparison with previous installments is unavoidable and the same holds good for Kollywood’s most successful franchise in recent times in “Singam”. It was undoubtedly a wonderful start with the first installment in “Singam” where audience loved the content and its pace and it became a blockbuster hit. Post this humungous success, a next installment was planned in “Singam 2” and here the content more or less remained the same but the pace was a bit of disappointment. In the latest installment in “Singam 3” (Titled as “SI 3”) it is neither here nor there story as the content and its pace is abysmal to say the least.

The main storyline shifts from Tamil Nadu to Andhra Pradesh where Duraisingam (Suriya) is deemed fit to investigate a high-profile murder. When he lands there, he camouflages his relationship status and begins the hunt. Compared to the previous two installments, the dialogues get louder and louder that beyond a point it becomes irritating to listen to such high voltage outburst.

The film transvers through a series of events which is easily predictable and in the present age, it is very much an “old wine in a new bottle” scenario. Director Hari seem to have lost the midas touch which he displayed in “Singam” (which was also Suriya’s last blockbuster till date) that was released in 2010. Suriya needs to look beyond established directors to directors who have the potential to pull of refreshing and entertaining scripts to perfection.

The villains in Sharat Saxena and Thakur Anoop Singh are weak in their characters and lack the venom when pitted against an “efficient” cop. Director Hari could have infused more venom into these antagonists role which would have augured well in the overall scheme of things.

Sruthi Hassan plays the second leading lady much like what Hansika did in the second installment while Anushka retains her spot as the pivotal heroine without any scope for acting. Sruthi does sizzle in a song compared to Anushka while Neetu Chandra provides a feast for the front benchers in an item number.

Robo Shankar and Soori are roped in to provide the comic feast which doesn’t provide the desired results. Host of other supporting actors in Radhika, Krish, Nithin Sathya,Sarath Babu and Imman Annachi have lent good support to the film. Manorama who held a pivotal role in the franchise would have this film as her last appearance (thanks to digitally enhanced image) post her demise in 2015 as it would have been very difficult to sustain her role in the forthcoming installments.

Devi Sri Prasad who had scored for the previous two installments finds himself out of favor as Harris Jeyaraj takes on the mantle of music director in this film without much effect. The film with a running time of 2 hrs and 35 minutes is a letdown and wouldn’t create ripples at the box-office.

Censor Board of film certification has rated this film as “U” (it was initially rated “U/A” but got it changed after intervention to the revising committee) and viewer discretion is advised as there are lot of scenes that are not suitable for kids.

“Singam 3” is an amateurish attempt made just to keep the franchise alive.


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