Singam 2Director Hari known as a man with Midas touch when it comes to making masala films seems to have dished out another masala fare in the sequel to his 2010 blockbuster “Singam”. Hari has managed to retain most of the star cast in the sequel which is a huge achievement in itself considering the volatile nature of the industry. However, if Hari has managed to repeat the same spice and action in the sequel, the answer is definitely in the negative.

Duraisingam (Surya) is back in Tuticorin as an undercover cop to investigate a crime happening there. He comes across Bhai (Mukesh Rishi) a don of the area, there is also Thangaraj (Rahman) a leading industrialist of the area. Initially, Duraisingam follows a path which leads to a different direction from what was initially meant to. Where does the path lead to and when does he come out of hibernation and in the end what happens is all about in this film which has a running time of 2 hours and 45 minutes.

The major flaw in the film is its weak storyline and screenplay; there are too many places where it drags unwantedly. The pace takes a dip whenever it shouldn’t and most importantly there aren’t any significant twist to the tale inspite of having a foreigner as its lead villain in the role of Dany (Dany Sapani).

Kavya (Anushka) retains her role as in the prequel and so do others like Vivek, Radha Ravi, Nasser, Manorama to name a few. The new additions are Santhanam in the role of Susai for comedy and Sathya (Hansika Motwani) who has a one-sided love towards Duraisingam.

Actress Anjali who till now was a lead actress seems to have had  a special liking for an item number in this film and she exposes to the maximum possible limit. Infact, the song treads on a thin line between glamour and vulgarity.

In terms of acting, Surya has done a repeat of his performance in the prequel. Anushka hardly has any screen time except for the Singam dance where she ups the glamour quotient. Vivek and Santhanam try so hard to bring the floor down with their comedy but with less success. Hansika Motwani comes more in a guest role than anything else.

Mukesh Rishi, Rahman and Dany Sapani as the villains fail to bring the sting that is normally required in the roles they essay. Devi Sri Prasad’s music is a letdown as none of the songs linger in the mind after the film gets over. Even on the background score, the theme music of “Singam” brings in a teja vu effect and apart from that there is nothing new.

Director Hari and Surya’s combination worked wonders last time they came together but it is disappointing to note that the same combo has failed to deliver it this time. With such unpredictability this film is a doubtful proposition at the box-office. Though the initial hype might carry the film through the opening weekend but beyond that it is to be seen how well it would perform in the midst of viewers who are eager to have a complete masala entertainer to entertain them.

“Singam 2” is a muted attempt to repeat the success of its predecessor.

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