When director Sami made “Uyir” few years back, he made heads turn and people appreciated the way the sensitive plot in the film was handled. The next film from the director was “Mirugam” which dealt with AIDS and the movie though was in the news for wrong reasons (Director Sami was suspended for a year for slapping actress Padmapriya) it did create an awareness on the dreadful disease. The latest creation from the controversial director is titled “Sindhu Samaveli” which deals with yet another sensitive subject of illicit relationship between father-in-law  and daughter-in-law.

“Sindhu Samaveli” does not contain the sleaze that is normally associated with such subjects. Director Sami has walked in a very tight rope and has pulled it off successfully to an extent possible. Though there are certain scenes that are intimate in nature, none of the scenes show the characters in compromising positions or unnecessary skin show by the actress.

The movie though begins on a slow pace, it quickly moves into a flashback mode where Anbu (Harish Kalyan) lives happily with his mother in the village while his dad Veerasami (Gajini) is an army man stationed in Assam. Things go smoothly till Veerasami is hurt in a battle and decides to call it quits and return home. Anbu along with his mom and dad live happily till tragedy strikes the family which leaves Anbu’s mother dead as she is bitten by a snake.

Anbu and his dad kind of keep things rolling and life moves on for the father & son duo. Veerasami then comes to know that Anbu is fond of his classmate in XII std named Sundari (Anakha) and gets them married. Anbu then leaves for teacher training which leaves Veerasami and Sundari alone at home.

One day due to an incident at home Veerasami is forced to confront his own feelings towards Sundari and to make matters worse Sundari also reciprocates to Veerasami’s feelings and that’s when things tend to go beyond control and they two get physically attached on a regular basis.

Director Sami till this point has handled things deftly but once the viewers are aware of the feelings between the two characters, the screenplay falls apart and what follows is a dull and a dragging second half which makes this movie a very mediocre fare.

This movie can be viewed from two angles:

  1. That the movie is against the culture of land and it sets a bad example for the society at large and hence it should be banned immediately.
  2. It can be viewed as any other sensitive subject and forget it once it gets over as the movie is a mediocre product.

It is upon the viewer to decide on which side of the coin he would like to choose. The movie has a running time of 142 minutes and is given “A “ certificate by the censor board for its controversial content. The movie is a definite no-no for family audience.

In terms of acting, except for Anakha who carries the film throughout none of the actors acting is worthy of mention. Songs by Sundar C Babu fails to register in the mind and the background score by Sabesh-Murali hardly creates an impact. Director Sami needs to work more on screenplay as the subjects he handle are of high sensitivity which will fail to impress the audience if the backing of a strong screenplay is absent.

“Sindhu Samaveli” falls apart like nine pins without creating any impact.

Watch the Trailer of “Sindhu Samaveli”:

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