No one escapes midlife crisis and it is no different when it comes to even animated characters. The latest installment in Shrek series titled “Shrek Forever After” (The Final Chapter) deals with the midlife crisis of the ogre “Shrek”. Shrek (Voice of Mike Myers) who is despondent and misses the good old days when his roar was feared by everyone which has now become a mere party trick. Shrek hardly finds any time to spend with Fiona (Voice of Cameron Diaz) and his three little kids. The sudden transition from a feared creature to being confined to the domestic life puts Shrek off.

Sensing this, the evil Rumplestilskin (voice of Walt Dohrn) moves in to make use of the opportunity to his advantage. Rumplestilskin lures Shrek to sign a treaty which exchanges a day of Shrek ‘s life from the past. When the transition happens for Shrek, he is aghast with the happenings and rues his decision to sign the treaty.

The story takes a twist when his friends in Donkey (Voice of Edie Murphy) and Puss (Voice of Antonio Banderas) have become not more than a lazy mule and an obese cat. Shrek’s lady love Fiona has become a warrior leading a pack of ogres against their corrupt leader and his army of witches. The kingdom of Far Far Away is shattered and Shrek decides to set things right as he finds a clue to bring back everything to normalcy.

Shrek has to get a kiss from his true love before sunrise which would turn back things to how they were before he signed the wretched treaty. Does Shrek get to kiss his true love before sunrise and whether the evil Rumplestilskin allows that to happen is what that follows in the remaining part of the movie.

This installment of Shrek is far more subdued compared to its predecessors but there are sequences which bring in a wave of laughter amongst the audience. The major attraction of this film is that it is released in 3D format which pumps in more life to the proceedings. The timing of the comic sequences are perfect and in the latter half of the movie when Shrek longs for the kiss the actions he does are really enjoyable.

“Shrek Forever After” (The Final Chapter) directed by Mike Mitchell and written by Josh Klausner & Darren Lemke and is an enjoyable journey on 3D.

Trailer of Shrek Forever After:

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