A film that was in the dark for over 6 years has finally managed to see the light of the day. Director Karu. Pazhaniappan who happened to be a journalist before his celluloid avatar has handled a subject that was very near and dear to his heart. The film is a hard hitting tale of the obstacles and threats that could possibly present itself to a journalist who reports the crime as is. Srikanth with a rugged look fits the character of a journalist perfectly.

The first half of the film which understandably moves at a snail pace emphasizes more on establishing the character of Thirupathisami (Srikanth) a reporter in a tamil weekly. His main plus is that he doesn’t fear a bit to report the wrong happenings irrespective of the stature of the person committing it. For such a person walks in a beautiful girl Sandhya (Sonia Agarwal) with whom love blossoms instantly and surprisingly for both.

Thirupathisami earns more enemies than friends courtesy his profession. When he confidently says that the threats will remain just threats and nothing harm will happen, the viewers know exactly what is coming next. Sandhya gets abducted in a crucial juncture of the film and to make matters worse, the hero doesn’t know who has kidnapped his lady love.

To give justice to the title “Sathurangam”, the villain makes the hero run from pillar to post searching for his lady love. This sequence after a point gets a tad dragging and that’s when the director suddenly thinks that he should finish the film fast and he brings the dragging film to a scorching halt with the help of an amateurish climax.

In the end there has to be a happy ending and this “Sathurangam” is no different. The movie has a running time of 135 minutes which is split as a boring first half followed by a little better second half. “Sathurangam” is sure to end up a loser at the box-office.

In terms of acting, there is nothing significant from the lead actors. Sonia Agarwal sports her trademark smile in this film also while Srikanth just goes along with the pace of the screenplay. The supporting actors though do not have a major role have given a supporting performance to the film.

Music by Vidyasagar is mediocre and so is the editing of Suresh Urs. Karu. Pazhaniappan looks like was over confident on the storyline that he has messed up big time on the screenplay. There are certain scenes which defy common sense and certain scenes that are absolutely unwanted to the scheme of things.

“Sathurangam” – a disaster that was safely locked for 6 years has finally been let out of the bag.

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