Rummy MovieA film’s marketing more or less decides on the crowd that it will receive during its opening and from thereon, its merits will start pulling the crowd. In debutant director Balakrishnan’s “Rummy”,  it’s the marketing that has played a major role in making the film get noticed by the movie going crowd. The film first and foremost had put Vijay Sethupathi as its lead but in reality it’s Inigo Prabhakar who is actually the lead. Vijay Sethupathi though has an equally good role in the film, is not the lead actor in this “Rummy”.

The story is a time tested one and to make it a huge success at the box-office, all it required was a narration that was new and gripping. “Rummy’s” narration does falter in many places. There are too many scenes that move at snail’s pace and also the sequence of events that lead to the climax somehow aren’t that convincing.

The film has two love stories one is between Inigo Prabhakar and  Gayathrie Shankar while the other is between Vijay Sethupathi and Iyshwarya Rajesh.  Amongst the two pairs, it’s the pair of Vijay Sethupathi and Iyshwarya Rajesh who steals the show with their intensity in acting. Prabhakar and Gayathrie though not awfully bad, have put in a mediocre display of acting which somehow doesn’t compliment the seriousness of the storyline.

Soori known for his style of comedy hardly has any comedy scenes to assert his trademark in this film. Set in 1987 “Rummy” does score well in art direction. D Imman’s music sizzles with the chartbuster song “Koodamela Koodavachi” but could have been better with the background score. Editing by Raja Mohammed leaves a lot to be desired but if the debutant director had insisted on having few unnecessary scenes, he would have had no say in it.

“Rummy” with a running time of 140 minutes, is supposed to have surprised its viewers like a pack of cards, but the cards drawn from the pack seem to be quite predictable. The climax of the film is however different from the run-of-the-mill climaxes and it is in this scene, director Balakrishnan shows his brilliance but one feels the brilliance had come at a stage when it is too late in the day.

“Rummy” might end up doing mediocre business at the box-office considering that the film fails to keep its audience glued to their seats  and most importantly Vijay Sethupathi’s next release in “Pannaiyarum Padminiyum” is slated to release next week leaving this film no time to pick up itself and push for peak performance.

“Rummy” fails to excite its audience.

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