Rum MovieIf the trailer of a film could depict exactly the pulse of an entire film then most films fate would be decided even before its release date. In recent times, most trailers just flatter to deceive and “Rum” is a film that unfortunately belongs to the same league. Its trailer was interesting and induced the interest to watch a heist + horror thriller. However, the film doesn’t belong to gripping heist or a thrilling horror category.

Director Sai Bharath’s idea was an old wine in a new bottle but the execution never took off. The first few mins do sets up the expectation nicely but 30 mins into the action, it just falls flat. The so called supposed spine chilling moments are nothing but an old school learning of ghost images making a sudden appearance with a jarring sound.

The storyline is about a gang of robbers holed up in a bungalow to escape the clutches of an antagonist. When they find out that the house is haunted, it’s too late for the gang to make amends. When the spirits let them know of their intentions, it turns out to be a case of taking revenge for the gruesome act the antagonist committed on them.

It just happens to be a case of absolute misconception at the screenplay stage where director got carried away in providing a film that has adventure, horror and comedy all mixed in right proportions. Vivek is part of the cast to bring in comic elements but even his experience couldn’t achieve the desired results barring a few dialogues which provides some comedy.

Narain plays the main antagonist role and he was hoping that this film would recreate the success with D-16 brought in for actor Rahman. But unfortunately Narain needs to wait for another chance.

The makers must be appreciated for one reason that they did not stoop to a new low by inserting an erotic number among the melee. Sanchitha Shetty who comes in shorts for the entire duration had all the making for an erotic number alongside her boyfriend (Hrishikesh) which was fortunately avoided in the final product. Mia George stands out in a role that provides an important link to the whole storyline.

Anirudh’s music just fails to create the impact and couple of songs didn’t make the final cut on screen. With a running time of 132 minutes the film clearly lacks pace and ends up on the boring side. If our makers could take reference from successful horror films in Kollywood, they would not end up making such basic mistakes and would strive to up the bar with each and every film.

This “Rum” unfortunately doesn’t provide the intended kick.

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