For Actor Jeeva, looks like this year is a mixed-bag. His previous release “Ko” was a blockbuster and he follows it up with a pathetic drab titled “Rowthiram” (Fury). The story isn’t any new and to top it all, the screenplay is as bad as it can get. The big minus point for the film is that right from the scene where the hero and villain lock horns till the climax, there is no change from the usual masala story. “Ko” was a huge winner because there was something new in that film in terms of story and the screenplay. Rowthiram treads on a masala path that is sure to bore the viewers till the end.

Siva (Jeeva) is a no-nonsense guy when he comes across someone who intends to hurt others a trait which he had learnt from his grandfather (Prakash Raj in a cameo role). Incidentally Priya (Shriya Saran) the heroine of the film gets to see the hero bashing up a bad guy on the road. The director doesn’t want to spend too much time in establishing the love angle between the pair and hence its love at first sight for Priya. When things keep moving on with some action or other, the D-day comes when he in the process of saving a girl beats up the Villain Gowri (Ganesh Acharya).

Gowri is a dreaded gangster throughout the city and the bashing that he had got from Siva lingers in his mind and he roams around with a vengeance to upstage his tormentor. What happens to whom and who would be the clear winner is predictable till the end. However, the ending is slightly different but that doesn’t have an impact on the film much to the dismay of its debutant director Gokul.

Jeeva was supposed to have chosen a script that would have had his box-office fortunes for the year intact. However, his choice of story for his home production leaves a lot to be desired. R B Chaudhary has once again failed in the gamble of selecting a saleable story.

In terms of acting and to be honest there is no great contribution from Jeeva nor his leading lady in the film Shriya Saran. It is plain vanilla acting from both. On the supporting cast, Jayaprakash and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan as Jeeva’s father and mother have done their roles well.

Music by Prakash Nikki doesn’t kindle any strings in the mind except for the “Maalai Mangum neram” song which is melodious to hear. The movie with a running time of 160 minutes is a bad commodity at the box office. On the whole a movie that gets no where in terms of story nor its execution.

This “Rowthiram” has no fury in it.

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