“Robodoc” the name itself reveals the plot behind the movie. The movie is all about a robot which is a doctor with a human finish on the outside. This movie is a satire on the doctors and the medicine field else what could be said of a movie that is so insane, has its share of vulgar acts and not to mention few semi-nude scenes. The movie begins with a sleazy lawyer Attorney Jake Gorman (Kenny Babel) whose only job and motive is to sue the medical fraternity and the doctors in particular. The main hospital affected by Jake’s actions is the North Mercy hospital where the doctors keep leaving after cases of negligence gets filed on them.

Dr. Roskin (Alan Thicke) the chief of staff in North Mercy hospital is in need of doctors as new patients get admitted every day but they are left unattended due to non-availability of doctors. R.I.P Healthcare decides to have a doctor who becomes unfazed by their detractors and to continue the duties of a doctor without any error they develop a Robot Doctor model named MD63 nicknamed as Robodoc (William Haze) by hospital staff. The Robodoc does all duties right from being a beverages vending machine to a supernatural doctor who can perform complex surgeries like transforming a 55yr old obese lady to a 20 something young girl.

Dr. Callaby (Corin Nemec) who happens to be the informant to Jake Gordman on the profitable cases finds it difficult to trace any mistakes on Robodoc and due to which Jake gets terribly upset. In the same hospital there is also Dr.Mills (Christine Scott Bennett) who works exclusively with the kids who are cross-eyed. Robodoc on his popularity and his accuracy is bestowed the task of completing the critical eye surgery on the Kids.

Dr. Callaby seizing this opportunity does something which he thinks will make him rich. When the person in-charge finds out the error and rushes to stop the surgery where its too late. What follows is the confusion and triumph of few which has been told in the final minutes of the movie.

There is absolutely nothing new or logical in this movie. Director Stephen Maddocks has made a mockery of things from the script given to him by writers Dr. Doug Gordon and Dr. Scott Gordon. There is a slight percentage of sleaze involved but not at alarming levels. All the actors who were to act sensibly have remained as puppets and they cannot be blamed for it. Its after all the call of the director which brings out the best in them and hence director has again faltered in this department also.

“Robodoc” will fool you to the maximum.

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