“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is entertaining in more ways than expected. First, the amazing graphics that has been used in the film catches the viewers by surprise and next the storyline and screenplay with just the apes hogging most of the screen time is brilliant to say the least. There is hardly a place which leaves you bored. A racy entertainer which is definitely worth every dime spent watching it.

Nature should belong to nature and when the ever greedy humans decide to use nature / natural beings to their use, things always backfire and this prequel to the 1968 Charlton Heston classic “Planet of the Apes” depicts the same. The movie begins with a Chimp getting captured in the jungle for the purpose of conducting animal trials on the new drug invented by Will (James Franco). In the trials, the chimp displays amazing ability on administration of the drug. When the D-day comes, thinks totally flies out of Will’s control and in the end when everyone breaks their head on what went wrong they figure out that the Chimp in captivity had delivered a baby Chimp.

Will takes the baby Chimp home and finds out that the mother Chimp has already passed on good genes to the baby Chimp which is named as “Cesar” (Andy Serkis). “Cesar” enjoys a nice stay at Will’s house with superior intelligence. Problem breaks in the form of the drug after-effects that Will had administered on Cesar. Caroline (Frieda Pinto) who is Will’s girl friend cautions him that what he is doing to Cesar isn’t good and things shouldn’t be this way.

Cesar then is being shifted to a captive unit and in liaison with other Chimps does something which goes beyond human imagination. When things go out of control, they decide to set things right. Whether the Chimps gets to triumph or is it the brutal power of the humans that wins is in the rest of the film.

The movie has a running time of 100 minutes and with most of the screen time being hogged by the Chimps, it is a treat to watch and special appreciation to Director Rupert Wyatt for the same. There are few scenes that are brilliant and one such scene is where Cesar tells to another Chimp that “ Apes alone are weak, Apes together are strong” is really a masterpiece.

In terms of acting, James Franco and Frieda Pinto have done a good job but there is nothing significant to mention in their acting. The other co-stars have all been convincing in their roles. The sets and the graphics are the two departments that is worth its weight in gold as far as this film is concerned.

The editing by Conrad Buff IV and Mark Goldblatt is slick and the pace of the film is steady throughout which keeps the viewers glued to their seats till the end titles roll. Music by Patrick Doyle serves a perfect atmosphere to the film.

“Rise of the Planet of the Apes” is a very good entertainer.

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