Two legends of tamil cinema, a producer who does not have any constraints in terms of creativity and a director who is new to the field. When these people join together to make a film one could expect something refreshing and entertaining. In the end all one gets is nothing but a direct attempt to copy the hit film “Pasanga” which has gone all wrong. If Pasanga was about two children fighting out amongst themselves its two old men here who have an ego clash with each other and create all problems in the village. The similarity in both the movies is that the fighting individuals are in the end brought together by a marriage.

Ramasamy (K Balachander) and Singaravelan (Bharatirajaa) are the two old men who are in the midst of an ego war for the past 40 years. There are also two gorups of children who follow their grandfather’s enemity trail. Suseela (Anjali) a school teacher is a relative of Singaravelan and Moorthy (Debutant Ari) is a military man who is brought up by Ramasamy. Moorthy is madly in love with Suseela from a young age and he comes to the village to see Suseela on the pretext of conducting a military camp. In the first half of the movie it is nothing but establishing the above said fact by just dragging the sequences with non-melodious songs and some serial style acting by K Balachander which again with due respect to the man who created many brilliant actors is quite an irritant.

Bharatirajaa on the other hand has done a fine role as a communist leader in the village. His acting is natural and at the same time he scores much better than Balachander in the scenes they lock horns with each other. Anjali after a brilliant “Angadi Theru” has done nothing much significant and a word of caution to her to have a check on her weight as she has started to bloat a bit. Debutant Ari is a disappointment. Marudhamuthu (Karunas) as the sub-Inspector is included for the comedy sequences which again has no impact. Alagamperumal as Moorthy’s friend comes in a cameo who again fades away without any impact.

Music by Karthik Raja is flat, cinematography by Chezian is ordinary, editing by Kasi Viswanathan should have been crisper but the main spoiler in the movie is the story and screenplay by Thamira. Director Shankar and Thamira would have thought that acting of the two legends will carry this film through which in reality has not happened.

Rettaisuzhi is a dumb creation from few genius men in Tamil Cinema.

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