A movie which has in its cast Bruce Willis and Morgan freeman does raise the expectations of the viewers. “Red” happens to be one such movie but in the end all one gets is sheer disappointment. The movie is caught in a tangle not knowing which genre it belongs to. The initial intention of the makers looked like making an action movie but when they decided to add some comedy into the storyline things went for a toss and in the end the movie finds itself neither here nor there.

The movie is based on the comic book with the same name written by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner. The word “RED” here meaning “Retired Extremely Dangerous”. Frank (Bruce Willis), Joe (Morgan Freeman), Marvin (John Malkovich) and Victoria (Helen Mirren) were once top-notch CIA agents. The only worrying point they had with them was that the secrets they knew during their service made them as vulnerable bunnies to their own agency.

It is now the experience of these four which they need to bring together and break-in at CIA headquarters and what they stumble upon there happens to be one of the most biggest cover-up in the country’s history. How they then move from there and what happens thereafter culminates in the ending where the true colors of many within the agency and outside it is exposed.

The movie by no standards is a gripping tale of action filled suspense drama. The movie lags a bit in many places and also the action scenes that takes place in the movie is of pretty ordinary stuff.

The seasoned actors who are part of the cast have delivered their goods exceptionally well. The only spoiler though is that the screenplay which is very dull and dragging could have been altered so that the final product turns out to be an adrenalin pumping action feast.

In terms of technicians right from the dialogue writer to the cinematographer to the editor and musician have all put in their best effort forward. Unfortunately the fate of the movie turned out to be such that it is boring to an extent. The movie has a running time of 106 minutes.

“Red” is truly a major disappointment.

Watch the Trailer of “Red”:

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