Ram Gopal Varma who after a series of flops had embarked on this tricky project which is about a real-life story of two gangsters in Andhra Pradesh named “Paritala Ravi” and “Suri”. The enmity between them was so fearsome that director Ram Gopal Varma found so much spice that he decided to make it in three languages namely Hindi, Telugu and Tamil. The Hindi and Telugu versions were more in-depth and capsuled into two part film. The Tamil version however was intentionally made a single part film probably due to the unpopularity of the subject.

The real star of the Tamil version is undoubtedly Surya. The actor grows from strength to strength in each film and in this “Ratha Sarithiram” (Blood History) he has proven once again the versatility of his acting. The scenes where the character emotes revenge are beautifully executed by the actor. Vivek Oberoi who plays another pivotal character in the film has played a subdued role and somehow the viewers are not convinced by his portrayal of the character “Prathap Ravi”.

The movie begins with a political discussion between Narasimhamurthy (Kittu) and his close aide Kota Sreenivasa Rao. By virtue of the discussion a rift is formed in the party and in the subsequent melee a leading party member gets killed. Prathap Ravi (Vivek Oberoi) is the son of the  party member who gets killed and to avenge the death, he goes on a killing spree butchering Narasimhamurthy and shooting Kota Srinivasa Rao.

Surya (Surya) is introduced in a high-voltage action sequence where he unsuccessfully tries eliminating Prathap Ravi. As scenes roll by, it is understood that Surya is none other than the son of Narasimhamurthy and to avenge the death of his father had planned to kill Prathap Ravi. Enmity begins from thereon and what follows is a non-stop blood bath that forms the rest of the storyline.

The movie was touted to be the most violent film ever made but unfortunately the final product does not indicate things of that sort. The movie has a running time of 135 minutes.

The major spoiler in the film is the screenplay which goes on endlessly. There are unnecessary sequences that are inserted just for the heck of it. Priyamani plays the character named Bhavani who happens to be the wife of Surya and she has performed satisfactorily in the limited scope provided to her. The movie is sure to be a dud at the box-office.

“Ratha Sarithiram” is history not worth watching.

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