Raja Rani Tamil MovieA Tamil film that garnered much attention prior to its release in recent times. The promos made it clear that this film is going to be a happy-go love story and nothing more to it. “Raja Rani” directed by young debutant “Atlee” (who had earlier worked under Shankar in Enthiran) and produced by A R Murugadoss seems to have hit the right chord with its target audience who happens to be the current crop of youngsters who would love to sit and watch a rom-com.

Film industry is a tricky bag and hence no one has found a sure shot way to success. There have been simple “Boy meets Girl, falls in love and get married” types story which had tasted phenomenal success while on the other side there have been complex stories which have bitten the dust at the box-office.

“Raja Rani” apparently falls in the first category of plain vanilla romance stuff but what lets the film down is the treatment given to a simple storyline. There are patches of brilliance in the first and second half of the film. However, the interest quotient does not sustain for a long. And not to mention that out of the three stories in the film, the main storyline reminds more of Maniratnam’s “Mouna Raagam”.

Regina (Nayanthara) a well to do girl and daughter of a successful businessman in James (Sathyaraj) falls in love with Surya (Jai) a customer care executive. From here, the story doesn’t veer off to areas like the poor boy rich girl sentiment thankfully. Instead, the film revolves around how cupid strikes between the two. Actor Sathyan in the role of Iyappan provides what one could call as comedy track.

John (Arya) falls in love with Keerthana (Nazriya) and how their love life blossoms, what are the various hindrances that follow and things like that form this story where Santhanam plays the role of Sarathy again for comedy track.

What happens between the pair of Regina and Jai, and on the other hand between John and Keerthana which leads to the main storyline is in this film which has a running time of 160 minutes. The film as mentioned earlier, has a simple story but a screenplay which entertains in just parts and not as a whole. Thanks to the aggressive marketing by its producer, this film should do decent business during the opening weekend. Beyond that, this film seems to be a doubtful proposition at the box-office.

In terms of acting, the real stars of the film are Jai and Nazriya. Both the actors have enacted their role with so much conviction and the result shows on screen. In terms of Nayanthara and Arya, the seasoned campaigners in them have proved their acting talent in the film.

Music by G V Prakash Kumar is worthy while the cinematography by George C Williams is commendable. With a rich production value, this film is a visual treat to the eyes but beware, too much expectation on the film in terms of the story will leave you disappointed.

“Raja Rani” fails to deliver justice to its title.

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