Nagarjuna in his 25th year of his career has chosen to act in a film that does not require any experiments. “Ragada” is an end-to-end masala entertainer which is aimed at pleasing his fans considering the fact that his recent releases did not fare as expected in the box-office. The storyline of “Ragada” is nothing new but the same old wine in a new bottle formula of the good guy seeking revenge against the bad guy and in the end its the hero who always triumphs.

Sathya (Nagarjuna) who comes across as a tough guy bashes everyone who comes his way and joins GK (Dev Gill) a gangster. GK a relatively new kid on the block where Pedanna (Pradeep Rawat) rules the roost. Sathya conceeds to everyone that his motive is to make money which is later exposed that his real motive is something else.

Sathya in the process of then meets Sirisha (Anushka) and Ashtalakshmi (Priyamani) who keep the ball rolling with the romantic equations between them taking the story forward. There is also Brahmi (Bramhananda) along with Dharmavarapu and Master Bharat who provide the comic moments to the film.

Sathya works on a well-etched plan till me meets Pedanna in the climax which goes through a predictable ending. The director Veeru Potla has played it safe with appropriate dosage of action, comedy, romance and glamour. Music by Thaman is peppy and the background score in few places scintillate.

In terms of acting, Nagarjuna roars as a fit man and delivers the goods to perfection. Anushka and Priyamani doesn’t have too much scope in the film to display their acting skills but they have more than enough opportunity to dazzle in the glamorous costumes provided to them. It is in fact a bumper to the front-benchers as these lovely ladies sway their hips in the songs and expose as much skin as they can in the specially designed costumes.

There also other villains who are part of this story and it includes Kota Srinivasa Rao and Sushant singh who along with Dev Gill and Pradeep Rawat form the bad quartet. Veeru Potla has kept the formula simple and in the end has emerged a clear winner. The movie has a running time of 145 minutes and is sure to have a decent run in the box-office.

“Ragada” is a complete action entertainer for Nagarjuna fans.

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