Director Aditya Chopra who had just directed two movies prior to Rab ne in a career spanning thirteen years, we just cannot stop admiring this individual. When he had decided to write and direct his third venture the expectations were sky rocketing and infact RNBDJ carries the tag of one of the most awaited movies of the year.

The movie begins in Amristar where we see Surinder Sahni (Shahrukh Khan) a normal office going guy and his newly wedded wife Tanni (Debutant Anushka Sharma) alights from the train to start their new life. The sequences that follow indicates to the viewer on the background of their marriage and what is the level of bonding that prevails amongst the two. Shahrukh Khan then goes about his routine schedule and thats where the director has scored the maximum for portraying the lifestyle of an ordinary middle class office-goer.

Tanni though reluctant in the beginning slowly gets into the groove of things and into the life of Surinder. Surinder as such a boring guy always occupied with his office work loves his wife very deeply he feels it is his responsibility to see her happy always and what follows thereafter is the fun filled ride that keeps the viewers glued to their seats.

On the whole though the story or the plot seems to appear little silly the treatment and the execution of the same is extraordinary. In the recent memory there has never been a movie that has got a great innovative thinking supplemented with the individual narrative brilliance of the director.

Shahrukh Khan has once again proved that he is the best in the business and when Aditya chopra decided to go in for a debutant female lead for this movie, the pressure on the newcomer would have been enormous and Anushka Sharma has been the best find as she portrays her role to perfection displaying the maturity and confidence of a seasoned campaigner.

Shahrukh Khan’s favourite cinematographer Ravi K Chandran has once again been brilliant with his camera work. Salim-Suleman with their musical score have literally enthralled the audience with their fascinating songs and background score.

On the whole a movie in a league of its own.



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